There are many types of plants you can grow in your Water Garden. We hope you experiment with your Water Garden-- Here are a few recommended plants to try:

House plants: 

Asparagus fern
English Ivy
African Violets
Spider plant
Arrowhead vine

Herbs and Greens:


Lemon Balm
Flat Leaf Parsley
Garlic Chives
Anise Hyssop
Wild Ginger

Unless you are growing sprouts or wheatgrass, you'll have the most success growing plants using small starters instead of seed. This is the best way to grow houseplants, herbs, and greens. You can find mini-plants or starters at any large garden center like Home Depot and Lowe's.  Here you can view a PDF that illustrates the process of transplanting starter plants into your Water Garden. You'll want to keep 1 pod of wheatgrass growing while you transplant your new plants. It could take them a few weeks to grow roots long enough to reach the grow bed so having wheatgrass growing during this time ensures your water is being filtered. 

Also, light is key for growing herbs and greens so unless you have a sunny, south-facing window for your tank, you'll boost plant growth by 1000x by having a grow bulb like this. This supplemental light is also helpful in the winter months. If you don't have this kind of natural light access or supplemental light from a grow bulb, you will need to stick to low-light plants like sprouts, wheatgrass, and select houseplant varieties.

Hope this helps and we'd love feedback and pictures of your experiments!