We're excited to hear you're growing our organic Pearl Oyster Mushrooms. You will soon be in for a delicious treat!

Below are the key indicators that your mushrooms are ready to harvest:

1) They have stopped doubling in size daily

2) They have turned from a dark gray/blue to a light brown color

3) They have a distinct brown ring around the edge of their cap 

As soon as you notice that your mushrooms aren’t doubling in size each day, you can pick off the entire crop. A brown ring around the edge of the mushroom cap is a telltale sign that your mushrooms are ready to harvest! If you're unsure whether your mushrooms are ready to harvest, feel free to send us a photo to check out. 

You can harvest your mushrooms by pulling them off the kit -- caps AND stems. The whole bunch will 'snap' off the substrate naturally. The caps will be different sizes -- this is normal and you want to harvest them all together. It's important to remove all mushrooms from your kit when they are done growing because if left on the substrate they will dry out very quickly.