If you notice any yellowish fungus/mold you are seeing in your jar, we do apologize. The good news is that this fungus/mold will not impact your plant growth -- it is a purely aesthetic problem. It does not affect the ability of the growing medium or product to function well from a plant performance perspective or from a consumption perspective - plant matter and fruit will be safe to eat, though please do refrain from eating anything other than your growing herbs! :) 

Unlike many other gardening products with soils or growing medium, we sell an organic living soil, which means it's not made of synthetic ingredients and it hasn't been fumigated/sprayed with highly toxic chemicals. The fungus and mold are there because our growing medium is biologically alive and healthy, with a diverse microbial environment. And because we're quirky growers over here at Back to the Roots, we think this phenomena is an informative part of the process for connecting people to the food system and how plants really grow!

That said, we're more than happy to offer you a replacement jar if you would feel more comfortable growing a new one. Simply share with us your mailing info and we'll have that out ASAP.

Happy Growing!