We're honored that that so many people loved Back to the Roots cereals! :) 

We do not have an ETA for when the cereal will be available again. We’ve partnered up with Nature’s Path (read more about it here + and here) and they’re taking over our production & distribution in a unique licensing arrangement so we can scale up our cereal to serve more homes & classrooms. Right now, we’re focusing in on the public school systems (expanding from NYC to more districts!), and will be re-launching our cereal for consumers online and in-stores next year. 

You can find the recipe to our Purple Corn Stoneground Flakes here. You can make this very easily into the whole wheat recipe as the only difference is that one recipe uses purple corn and one uses stoneground wheat.

And here is where you can find the cinnamon recipe. You could make this cocoa by swapping cocoa for cinnamon and adjust to your taste.

Thank you again for the support!