The bottle of Zym Bac™ provided with your Water Garden should be used in its entirety when initially setting up your Grow Bed - the beneficial bacteria in Zym Bac™ is only needed once to kickstart the nutrient cycling process in your tank! However, if you accidentally wash all your Growstones® at once and disrupt the bacteria population in your tank, we recommend adding more Zym Bac™ to your Grow Pods. A full Water Garden Replenishment Kit can be found here, or search your local pet store for Zym Bac™ or another Nitrifying Bacteria supplement.

D-Klor, on the other hand, will be used gradually over the life of your tank. Add 1/2 capful to any water that you are planning on adding to your Water Garden.

You'll want to top off your tank with dechlorinated water every 1-2 weeks to maintain the water level at the textured line on the front.

You can mix a capful of D-Klor with 2 cups of water and then add this into your tank (I pour it through the feed cap for convenience).

D-Klor is all natural so don't worry about adding too much, it can't harm your fish.

Light is key for growing herbs and greens. During the darker fall and winter months you'll boost plant growth by 1000x by having a grow bulb like this!