We created the Self-Watering Planter with the proper seeds and soil blend to grow indoors all year round! Just make sure to put your planter in a space with ample sunlight – one of the most important aspects of getting your plant to thrive!

Your Self-Watering Planter will do best in a south-facing window with full sun (8 hours per day). If you don’t have a window that gets lots of light, it may be best to use a grow light (available for purchase here). Learn more about how to find the perfect spot for your planter in our troubleshooting section.

Also, you'll want to have your planter in normal room temperature (70-75 °F, 21-24 °C). Keep in mind that in higher temperatures, your planter will need more water to keep growing. Additionally, if temperatures are below 60 degrees most of the day, your seeds may be slow to germinate.

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out!